It is impossible to describe all my experiences related to the participation in program. First of all I must say that it was my first departure from Poland. I was very scared because I have small children and husband also had concerns but when we met with Mrs. Justyna in Warsaw I knew that she couldn’t lie to me and that everything will be just like she said.

Preparation for the program went very well, I didn’t feel any discomfort. At the airport we met in 6 people. It was wonderful ! I felt taken care of Mrs. Justyna , she take care of everything, so I didn’t have to use my poor english. The clinic doctor was nice and delicate, Mrs. Justyna was next to me and got instructions for me in regard to drugs. The hotel was great – big rooms, beautiful swimming pool and the environment around – I’ve never been on such place. I was glad, too, that we leave the hotel and we can try different food. Although the country is poor, people are nice, helpful and always smiling. Importantly, we felt very safe. On the day of egg retrival Mrs Justyna was with us, she was waiting in the recovery room. I was good and after a control we went back to the hotel for dinner. I also had the opportunity to meet the parents and it was very moving – I hope they succeed this time.

Regards !