Finding an Egg Donor FAQ

Administrative Part

How egg donation through egg donation agency process works?

Contact us: by email or phone and inform us about what you require: Tell us any details regarding your infertility history ( if you have one ) and let us know were you have your fertility treatment.
Contracts: Request samples of the contracts: The intended parents/parent can request sample of the contract and get acquainted to the contract details first;
Request information related to fees: Please let us know were you want donor to fly and request information related to fees.
Database access: We provide you with password and login details for our database access, so that you can view the potential candidate’s profiles and select the best match for you.
Choose potential Egg Donor Candidate: Please send us a short-list of the egg donors that most interest you from the database. We will provide her personal information, family history, any details about previous donations, or in case of new donors our IVF doctor will go through the list and recommend the best egg donor candidate for you (based on her Antral Follicles Count and AMH test). As soon as you confirm the candidate, contracts will be drawn up for you to sign. Sign every page of the contract and sent PDF version to us. Please sign every page of the contract, scan and sent it to us along with passport details via e-mail.
First payment: Once the Agreement is signed, the Intended Parents are required to make the first payment. Payment instructions are provided along with the contracts and payment schedule. The egg donor’s compensation MUST be paid directly to their personal accounts at the appropriate stage. Their account details will be provided for you. This way you are aware that she directly receives her payment and IVF was done with the very egg donor you chose. Please also be aware that if you transfer egg donor payments to our account we must pay their taxes and this will cause a slight increase in your package fee.
Preparation and Timing: Usually it takes one and a half month to prepare Egg donor and ensure her arrival in any Country you wish.

Who is responsible for Donor visas?

We Agency are responsible for finding Egg donor and their chaperon visas.
Why Egg donors are accompanied by Chaperon? Usually most of our Egg donors do not know Foreign languages and do not have flight experience. Thus in order to be sure that Donor reaches the final destination our chaperons or Egg donor Coordinators accompany them. Also egg pick up is an invasive procedure which is done under anesthesia and it goes without saying that girls require good care and attention after egg pick up.

Where is your office located?

Our offices are located in Georgia, Ukraine, Asia, Mexico, Ukraine, South Africa, Poland, Georgia and Kenya.

Medical Part

How does the process work?

Once you confirm egg donor candidate ,sign contract and make first payment- we will contact your IVF specialist and start synchronization of your Egg donor with egg recipient ( Surrogate mother or intended mother) Both of them will start receiving the birth control pills in order to synchronize their cycles/menses. Once the recipient and egg donor are prepared and their cycles are synchronized- the donor stimulation starts, eggs are picked up on day 12-14, embryos are fertilized and transferred to the uterus on day 3 or 5 after egg pick up. Medical Exam/Synchronization/ IVF process usually takes 1.5- 2 months. Egg donor and Chaperon arrive in a Country of Destination on day 8-10 of stimulation. Thus intended parents are in advance aware that Donor obeyed the stimulation and there are no surprises upon donor arrival in the Country.

How are the Egg donors screened?

  • CBC/hb- Complete blood count/hemoglobin
  • Blood group- In case blood emergency transfusion is required
  • HIV -Human immunodeficiency virus
  • HbsAg -Hepatitis B
  • VDRL- Syphillis
  • HCV- Hepatitis C
  • FSH (CD2-4) follicle stimulating hormone – tests for ovarian reserve ( must be measured on day 2-4 of menses)
  • LH (CD2-4)- Luteinizing hormone ( Must be measured on day 2-4 of menses )
  • TSH/T3/T4 – Thyroid stimulating hormone/thyroid function test
  • Prolactin- Measures the level of hormone prolactin produced by the pituitary gland (blood test done within three hours of waking). High levels can indicate infertility. Pelvic ultrasound for antral follicle count (day 3-5 of menses )”Vaginal swab tests for chlamydia to rule out any infection that may flare up during or after retrieval
  • Blood Tests on Chlamidia,Herpes and Citomegaloviruses

We do not mind to make additional tests in case of your local doctor’s request!

What tests are required for genetic father?

  • HIV – Human immunodeficiency virus 
  • STD HbsAg – Hepatitis B
  • VDRL – Syphillis
  • HCV Hepatitis -C
  • Semen analysis and culture done within the last 6 months

Cystic fibrosis, Karyotyping to test for genetic conditions

What happens if my first IVF attempt fails?

In this case we have two solutions: Solution one: most couples usually have frozen embryos. In this case frozen embryos will be transferred or couple will plan another Donor program.

What Happens if Donor does not obey the stimulation?

If we start stimulation of your Donor which turns out does not obey the stimulation – in this case we cancel the stimulation and inform you to choose another Egg donor candidate for your program. In this case intended parents pay only 500 USD to egg donor as a compensation (for her time which she spent on a preparation period + injections which she received during 5-7 days). Also intended parents are additionally paying stimulation medicine fees which is approximately 1000 USD maximum.

What happens if after egg pick up we end up with zero eggs?

This is a very rear complication of IVF procedure. Usually we stimulate more then 500 Egg donors every year and such thing happens only in one or two cases out of five hundred as our Doctor approves egg donation candidates very strictly. If this happens intended parents have to choose another Egg donor. All fees related to medical preparation, travel .etc. are payable again in this case but from Agency part we can make a significant discount.

Who pays if Egg donor end up with hyperstimulation or any other complication during the IVF procedure? / Do they have medical insurance?

Egg donors do not have medical insurance but if any medical complication occurs during the IVF procedure -we agency pay for it.