Mariam Kukunashvili

Mariam Kukunashvili


Mariam was graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University with honor and was granted full government scholarship for further studies. Upon completing her 3-year residency program she continued her studies at Tbilisi State Medical University to pursue her Master Degree in Healthcare Management and Economics. In parallel to her post graduate studies, Mariam worked as a night shift nurse and later as a doctor at an Emergency Care Unit of Tbilisi Central Hospital.

From 2003, Mariam works as a Regional Coordinator for EU supported project “Primary Health Care Financing Reform in Georgia” , where she has been supervising health care reform in the Country. After Health Care Reform Project, Mariam continues work at various EU and USA Embassy funded projects: “Palliative Care’, Poverty Reduction”, US Embassy programs on “Sustainment and Stability Operations program”, “Bioweapon’s Threat Reduction Program

Mariam is principle author of the books “Surrogate Motherhood: The World Practice and Georgian Reality”, “Aging and Healthy Lifestyle” and Co Author of Surrogacy and Fertility book which was published by Cambridge University in 2016. She also writes articles and Blogs for various Georgian newspapers

‘’I would like to personally thank you for putting your trust in us. I strongly believe that every individual deserves to experience the joy of parenthood, so I established New Life Georgia as part of New Life Group. You’ve probably been through many attempts, struggled with doubts and experienced waves of emotions along the journey that has led you here to us.

But my own personal experience with infertility empowers me to tell you this: it’s too early to give up! My personal journey saw me through 11 unsuccessful IVF attempts, endometriosis and four surgeries, and one successful, but ectopic, pregnancy. At that point I, too, turned to third party assisted reproductive technologies. And with the help of two wonderful surrogates, my husband and I now have a beautiful daughter and twin boys, born in 2011. I know it’s hard to start or even continue the journey to parenthood through the hurdles and the struggles. But we are here to walk with you every step of the way.’’

Mariam Kukunashvili, MD, PhD

Mariam Bakuradze

Mariam Bakuradze

Egg Donor Program Manager

Mariam is one of our highly valued New Life Team Members.  She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Ivane Javakhishvili State University. She has more than 7  years of work experience in hospitality service as a manager at Golden Crown Group in Dubai. Mariam has worked in Qatar, Dubai and China as a VIP customer service manager. At New Life, Mariam Started her career as an administrative officer, she demonstrated high level of service and experience, and got promoted in no time as a program manager.
As an Egg Donor Program Manager at New Life Georgia, Mariam manages the egg donor database and ensures its regular update. She also makes sure all details are accurate and the programs run smoothly and accurately.
Mariam deals directly with all intended parents, manages and coordinates their inquiries, provides support to ensure patients’ satisfaction, answers all initial questions in great detail, introduces available programs and handles communication for the final agreement. Mariam is your primary contact when you start to consider carrying out your Egg Donation Program with us.

Languages: Georgian, English, Russian, Chinese

Anna Kolendrickaya

Ukrainian Egg Donor Coordinator

New Life Ukraine’s dedicated staff member Anna Kolendrytska has years of working experience in government agency on administrative issues, social policy and lifestyle and has been monitoring the quality control in sales. She holds a Master’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from Kiev National University.

Anna brings both compassion and experience to New Life Ukraine with her hard work and motivation. She is the best contact person for egg donors. Anna finds the process very rewarding and works with big enthusiasm and inspiration. She coordinates and manages the database of Ukrainian egg donors and always has an accurate and timely advice regarding the potential candidates for the programs. She maintains close communication with all candidates and ensures their satisfaction.

Anna Kolendrickaya
Nako  Tkeshelashvili

Nako Tkeshelashvili

Georgian Egg Donor Coordinator

Nako was graduated from Tbilisi state University and holds Masters degree in In International law. At New Life, Nako recruits Georgian Egg donors and manages database to ensure uploaded information is thorough and precise. She meets potential Egg Donor Candidates, interviews them, familiarizes them with program details and makes sure they feel confident, comfortable and safe at all times. She is actively involved in Egg Donor preparation process and maintains close communication with Doctors and the donor .

Maica Hirang

Asian Egg Donor Coordinator

With her vast experience in the training and human resources field from different industries such as education, the government sector, technology, and infrastructure, Maica is also equipped with her great passion in helping people from different walks of life. She holds a degree in Child Development Education and her 10 years of work experience has taught her the importance of commitment, grit, and persistence; something that she significantly contributes to New Life Asia
Maica is responsible for signing up new donors and also for the planning, monitoring and managing of the donor cycles. She oversees all travel arrangements, assists with pill plans and medication cycles, and is a mentor and support for each and every donor, traveling with them to destinations as Chaperone whenever is needed.

Maica Hirang
Eliso Shakarashvili

Eliso Shakarashvili

Mexican Egg Donor Coordinator

Eliso is a well trained professional with the working experience in different international companies. She has been in customer service for more than ten years and developed her communication, time management and goal oriented skills. Eliso has held supervision and administration positions at The Dorchester Hotel, Mayfair and West Trend Apartments London, she also worked at one of the leading international insurance companies, Vienna Insurance Group, where she deepened her knowledge in customer service. Eliso holds the Bachelor degree in the interpretation and translation of the English language at Georgian Technical University and additionally she took the courses of Marketing, Advertising and Public Relation at one of the prestigious colleges in London, UK.

Eliso has been working at New Life for more than five years and is well aware of all details and the mission and vision of entire New Life. Being a Manager of New Life Mexico, Eliso is the one ensuring the smoothness of operation of Mexico Branch. Eliso responds all initial questions in great detail and makes sure Mexico Egg Donor database is always updated and programs are planned and carried out in most caring and accurate manner Eliso is considered as one of the most dedicated, enthusiastic and supportive team member of New Life with a high sense of responsibility.

Natalie Southwood

New Life Donor Coordinator in South Africa

Natalie holds a diploma in Public Relations management and has over 5 years’ working experience in the public relations, marketing and management.

Natalie works closely with the Egg donors from the initial sign up and screening, through to the medication management, egg retrieval and aftercare support. She makes all the necessary travel preparations and personally accompanies the donors on their trips to ensure they are fully supported each step of the way. Her priority is the donor well-being and she is always on hand to answer questions and ease any concerns that the donors might have.

Natalie Southwood