Screening of the Egg Donors

Egg Donors Screening Process

The screening of the egg donors that we perform includes the following:

  • CBC/hb – Complete blood count/hemoglobin.
  • Blood group and Rhesus – In case blood emergency transfusion is required.
  • HIV – Human immunodeficiency virus
  • HbsAg – Hepatitis B
  • VDRL – Syphillis
  • HCV – Hepatitis C
  • FSH (CD2 – 4) follicle stimulating hormone – tests for ovarian reserve (must be measured on day 2 – 4 of menses)
  • LH (CD2-4) – Luteinizing hormone (Must be measured on day 2 – 4 of menses)
  • AMH – Anti Mullerian Hormone.
  • Estradiol Level – done on day 2nd or 3rd of monthly cycle.
  • TSH – Thyroid stimulating hormone/thyroid function test.
  • Prolactin – Measures the level of hormone prolactin produced by the pituitary gland (blood test done within three hours of waking). High levels can indicate infertility. Pelvic ultrasound for antral follicle count (day 3 – 5 of menses).
  • Vaginal swab tests for Chlamydia to rule out any infection that may flare up during or after retrieval.
  • Herpes Virus.
  • Cytomegalovirus.

In case parents are willing to have any kind of additional tests performed for the egg donor the payment is payable separately, on top of the original expenses. We need to have this information in advance to make sure the payment is received prior to medical checkup of the egg donor.

After the tests are done, we put the egg donors on Birth Control Pills to make sure their cycles are synchronized to embryo recipient cycle, whether the Intended Mother or the surrogate mother. We send the reports to our IVF doctor, who is in primary charge of donor stimulation and to the destination clinic IVF doctor as well, to make sure the medical reports are reviewed and approved by both of the sides.

As soon as we have the confirmation from the doctors that they are happy and accepting the results we are ready to start the stimulation.

Egg Donors Screening

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