Best Egg Donation Experience

We all about the happiness ,My Experience with New Life

I would like to start off and say Thank you to New Life South Africa for this amazing opportunity. During my donation until now I have been so pleased with the New Life experience. I have been given the greatest opportunity to help others with the gift of life.

New Life South Africa Event coordinator Junette Van Aarde supplied me with the best experience. I was constantly informed of anything and everything without having to ask. The nicest part about this whole experience is that we still keep in touch and still asked how things are going and provides us with constant care.

The donation process was quick, painless and we were very well looked after. I never felt unaware of what was going on; if I had any question (weird and wonderful) it was answered with detail. I really appreciated the constant Love and Care we received and all the fun memories I will have of my IP’s and friends I made on the way. It was such a wonderful day when we got to sit down and enjoy our time with the parents to be and just seeing how they are so excited to have their own Child. It’s also amazing that you get to see the parents personalities reflect and know that what you are doing is good for them and the donated eggs.

My personal reason to donate is to help people have this joy in their lives when they are unable to do such. To see a person blossom with Joy and have that moment when they know that soon enough they will have a beautiful baby of their own. This is precious and often taken for granted. I love that I am able to provide such a gift.

Overall I would love to say Thanks again to New Life South Africa, Junette Van Aarde and all who have provided me with this opportunity. I would also like to say Congratulations to the newly pregnant couple who I have donated to. I hope that your bundle of joy will bring you all the happiness in the world.