Egg Donation in India

hello everyone 🙂

I thought I should just share a short story on this marvelous opportunity that I got to donate for new life south Africa. I recently visited INDIA for a donation. Before leaving on this life changing journey, the coordinator Junette Van Aarde organised all my scans and tests to check that my blood and IVF health is in order. This is necessary to ensure that my cycles synchronize with the recipient parents and that the appropriate dosage of meds are taken for successful follicle stimulation. 
All flight and accommodation arrangements are handled very efficiently by new life and their coordinator. After our arrival in India, we immediately got picked up by company driver and then taken to a very comfortable 5 star hotel, with a wide variety of healthy meals.
Donors are required to visit the company clinic on a daily basis for scheduled appointments in aid in better health IVF stimulation. once follicle count is at its best then procedure will happen a day after final trigger shot is taken. you then get admitted and gently taken good care of for a very quick 15min painless internal procedure under general anestectic in top class health care. after donation retrieval is done and having time to relax and explore, the very next day, curiosity made us girls adventure to Taj Mahaal, saw markets, mixed with culture, learned history and spiritually connected with myself and others. Admiring true beauty in the symmetry, geometric ambiance influenced in the design of temples, culture and buildings. Thanks to the coordinator for making me feel so comfortable, relaxed and safe through this entire journey to see something exciting, new and so rewarding! 
I’m also truly grateful and blessed to have met and connected with the recipients, soon to be parents of this successful donation. I admire this intelligent practice, it’s the solution to many new families that struggle in fertility and results show confidently , it’s now possible to consider this process . their are many positives thru this, learning valuable information on your own health, realizing its a life changing gift for myself and others, opportunity to travel and discover one’s self. As a universal plasma donor it makes me proud to increase the opportunity to help people in need of a baby that they so wish to have and truly deserve. I congratulate the parents an amazing, successful journey of new life and to all the donors and surrogacy’s that make this possible with true bliss. spiritually the impossible is in fact the possible! Namaste