What are the Emotions Couple Experience after Surrogacy Baby Birth

Intended parents go through a lot of hardships to achieve successful pregnancy through IVF and surrogacy. Surrogacy is, in fact, one of the most complex and patient medical processes. Intended parents feel overwhelmed after the success of the surrogacy procedure. It is the happiest moment for any couple in this world to see a successful surrogacy.

Childless couples go through a lot to have their own genetically connected child. Apart from the medical procedures that they are in, they have to go through the social pressures as well.

Chances of Success with Surrogacy

Success rates of surrogacy depend largely on the IVF clinic. It depends on the health and viability of the surrogate mother and quality of the embryos introduces to the surrogate’s womb. It also depends on specific a circumstance that is determined by the fertility clinic. It may take more than a couple of attempts to achieve pregnancy. We have seen intended parents getting demoralized after first few failed attempts. We understand the phase that they are going through. We are in service of countless international intended parents who visit us for the purpose of IVF and surrogacy. They have a lot at the stake. This includes time money and energy. We conduct multiple embryo transfers in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Our sole efforts revolve around increasing the rate of success to gain more happy couples.

Happiness of the Intended Parents

The happiness of the intended parents after successful child delivery through surrogacy knows no bound. It is the time of celebration after so much of stress that the couple went through in the entire journey of surrogacy. We at NewLife provide additional assistance to such successful parents to help them cope up with the situation better. This is a life-changing phase for them. We understand their overwhelming happiness and contentment during this time. They require proper guidance this time to refrain themselves from being carried away.

Satisfaction after All the Stress Taken By Intended Parents

The intended parents go through a lot of stress during the IVF procedure. They put in stake a lot of things just for the desire of having their genetically connected baby. They go through screening, legal, financial and psychological procedures to prepare themselves for the surrogacy procedure. The process includes disclosure of their medical and social information, background checking, and other documental verification. Hence, the happiness becomes very important for them after the success of the surrogacy procedure.

Every couple wants a child of their own. Many times they are unable to bear their own child due to unexplainable medical reasons. Some of them consider adoption to have a child at home. Some of them go ahead for surrogacy to bring home their bundle of joy.

We as a fertility clinic are also responsible for the proper counseling of the intended parents. We are involved in properly resolving personal and psychological issues of the intended parents related to the stress they undergo in their surrogacy process. We talk with the intended parents at definite intervals to keep their mental stability on the track. We take regular sessions with them at every phase of the surrogacy procedure to keep their spirit high. This includes the after success counseling, directions, and caution prescription.

We help the intended couples in the following ways to cope up with the emotional stress:

Post-delivery Medication: We make sure that the intended parents are corrected informed about the medication that is required to be continued after the baby’s birth. There are chances of the intended parents getting carried away with the joy and miss out of the medication. Our medical counselors convey them the medical procedure to assure the well-being of the newborn. We continuously keep track on the vaccination and other requirements of the baby.

Regular Communication: It’s essential to keep continuous communication with the intended parents after delivery. We do it via Skype, emails and phone calls. We provide continuous telephonic assistance to our international intended parents. All our intended parents are always welcome to contact us for every query post-childbirth. We take their questions with utmost care and respond earliest to them.

Pediatrician Visit: We counsel the intended parents on carefully treating the newborn baby. Our doctors visit them at home to keep track of the baby’s development. Intended parents are often not confident enough to look after the baby. Our doctors prescribe all the necessary caregiving techniques for the better well-being of the baby.

Legal Documentation: NewLife is in assistance to all the legal documental procedures required to be done during the surrogacy procedure. We assist the intended couples to clear their documents from the embassy. The fertility clinic is not liable for such interference in the legitimate issues with the embassy, yet our members take part in the procedure to make it easier for the intended parents. We provide full-on support in the paperwork preparation. We help in drafting applications that are required to be submitted to the embassy. This makes it easier for the intended parents to get their child’s birth certificate.

Travel Assistance for International Parents: Nothing makes us happier than to see the newborn flying to its homeland with its parents. We are the happiest as we see the satisfaction on the intended parent’s face as they are all set to take their baby home. At the same time, we understand the litigations the intended parents have to undergo to prepare permission for the baby. Our litigation handling team assists the intended parents to achieve passport for the baby and make sure that it can go home without any constraint.

Typically, you should plan to wait for 1–2 years from the time you sign on with a surrogacy agency until you have a child.

When using a surrogate mother, there is still a way for the intended parents to be of biological relation to the child and are able to have the child that they’ve always dreamed of, thanks to choosing a caring woman who will bring their child into the world. This woman is known as the surrogate mother.

Surrogacy is a prolonged affair. Our services towards the intended parents start right from the screening and continue until the time the baby reaches home. The length of each surrogacy procedure differs from the other. It depends on various factors like:

  1. Advertising of donor’s requirement

  2. Screening of donors

  3. Matching of the donors

  4. Health and experience of the surrogate

  5. Medical procedure underwent the IVF procedure

Even after successful ovulation, there remain rooms for confirmation of the pregnancy. It involves a lot of stress. The surrogacy goals, choices, plans and preferences also have impacts on its success. It also depends on the number of cycles and number of embryo transfers performed to achieve pregnancy. Again the legal things involved with the procedure under specific circumstances need to be handled carefully. So, in a nutshell, the intended parents have to go through a lot to ultimately become parents through surrogacy. We as a surrogacy agency are always committed to providing the best of services. Our focus remains centered on each of our cases until the time we achieve success.