Essential items for travel medicines kit

It is an established fact that if you are travelling abroad for fertility treatment you need to carry travel medicines. Now this isn’t a business to be done in a rush. You need to plan and organize medicines on your trip just as you organize and stack your clothes and camera neatly into your luggage.  Make sure that this kit contains the basic medicines and is light and handy. No doubt your fertility specialist back at home may prescribe some medications related to fertility treatment but additional safety aid medicines are to be accommodated as well. Here we go trying to organize a list of medicines that might be needed on your fertility trip:

-Pack in antiseptics like Betadine and alcohol. They are quick healers for curing bruises and wounds in case you meet with an accident.

-Make room for antibacterial soaps, towels and hand cleaning gel in your luggage. They ensure hygiene and keep you free from germs.

-Personal toilet tissues and facial tissue papers are laced with antiseptics. They will protect you from environmental infections and give you a good feel as well.

-Sterilized bandages and cotton rolls are essential components of your travel kit.

– Acute pain killers like Aspirin, ibrufen, acetaminophen and naprosyn make up your key components in your medical kit. However, since you are travelling on a fertility treatment mission get advice from a domestic fertility specialist before packing these over the counter medicines.

-Travelling abroad would mean you will have to cover a lot of distance. You might have to travel along meandering roads that run across a gradient giving you motion sickness. And it will be a nasty experience to retch amid open crowd. So you need to complete your medicine travel kit loading up with motion sickness pills like Dramamine and Bonine. Every medicine will work fine on your system and it is less tranquilizing.

– Sunscreens and sunglasses help beat the intense sun blaze. You need to include these as well.

– Anti diarrheal medications like Imodium would constitute an important part of your medical travel kit.

-Over the counter antacids would be great to pack as bowel disorders arising from wrong eating abroad could make your trip uncomfortable.

-You could experience the reverse discomfort too due to wrong eating habits. You may suffer from sudden constipation and that can be terrible. Stool softeners and laxatives can remove discomfort and make bowel movements easy. So don’t forget to pack in those medicines as well.

-Over the counter vaginal yeast medications and athletes foot cream would be ideal to fight fungal infections.

-If your foreign fertility clinic is located in a hot and humid region you are likely to perspire and lose vital salts from your body. So the best option is to pack in a couple of salt tablets to replenish what is lost. You should not suffer from dehydration.

-Non sugar sweeteners would be great and they will have a control on your blood sugar level.

-Packing insect repellents is a must but see that their contents are within approved limits of toxic tolerance.

-Sanitary napkins, condoms and other kits like extra pair of glasses should be carried too for obvious reasons.

In order to avoid customs harassments, bring your medical prescriptions and original packages and containers clarifying the composition of the drugs you are carrying.