First time Donor in Asia

My experience throughout this whole trip was truly amazing. I never felt this much part of anything like the few days spent in Asia.

The clinic was a “treat” to go to. The nurses and people were so helpful and caring. One thing that stood out for that really meant a lot was the day I told Junette I was feeling fine, there was no need to another check-up, then a few minutes later Junette called me and told me I should come to the clinic the doctor still wants to do the scan to make sure I was fine. That really meant a lot because that showed me my health and well-being were the first priority for them. The clinic was of the best and I really was impressed with how they operate and how clean and organized they are.

From the first trigger shots to the pickup I had no extreme pain or anything. The pick up was so quick and comfortable that I did not even know it was done already.

Junette on the trip was the best coordinator to go with and experience this for the first time. She always made sure I was fine and feeling okay. She is truly good at what she does and she made the trip easy and comfortable. I would travel with her any day. I really appreciate all her effort she puts into such a trip.

The hotel was breathtaking and I really enjoyed my stay and I just want to thank you for making sure our stay is of the best and everything.

For me doing this the first time was really not bad at all. From how people react when they first hear about this kind of stuff and how my experience was is a whole different story. I appreciate all the input by ensuring we are providing with the best.

I will do this trip again just because it was so much fun and I really enjoyed my part in this. I had no bad experience and I will do this again.