Great opportunities with New Life

Hello everyone, I am an egg donor from Thailand and I would like to share my impressions with you about my trip to Georgia. I don’t know where to begin! Everything was excellent about my stay.

I fell in love with this country, because Georgia has a lot of beautiful cultural heritages and warm welcoming people. The hospitality here is very important and people always want to do it and give us the best.

One of the highlights of my stay was the coordination among the New Life staff and Clinic, it was so well organized and the professional doctors made my visits to the Clinic very comfortable. The medical process went very smoothly as well.

With New Life, you feel safe because you have a chaperon, who stays with you during your visit and makes your stay very convenient.  My special thanks to her.

To be an Egg Donor is a great opportunity to enable couples from around the world to become parents. This is an accomplishment of which I am so proud.

Thank you New Life can’t wait to visit again.