How to Choose Most Transparent Egg Donor Agency

Egg donor agencies play a vital role in planning and executing an IVF cycle. They play a major role in cases where the intended mother is not having fertile eggs. Egg donors are shortlisted and screened before finalizing them for the IVF program. Intended parents usually want to have a one on one conversation with the egg donor to be completely satisfied before finalizing the donor. This is a common protocol followed by intended parents around the world in order to be sure that they are going for the right egg donor for the purpose of having their baby through fertility treatment.
When using an egg donor agency, intended parents should be open to have talks and negotiate with a number of egg donor agencies before settling for one. Now the question here is why intended parents are so anxious in meeting the egg donor in person even after they have their complete medical documents with them? The answer is simple! Intended parents often look for certain traits, nature, and features in their baby and want to be sure that the egg donor they have chosen resembles their anticipation. This is a common thing in anxious intended parents as they want their baby to be as per their desires and expectations.
The following are some criteria and points to keep in mind while in talks with an egg donor agency:
Meeting the Egg Donor
It is vital for intended parents to meet the egg donor they are considering. This will enable them to have a fair idea of the physical structure, complexion, mental condition, culture and other ethical details about her. Go for an egg donor agency that arranges your meeting with the egg donor without any hesitation. Remember, any hesitation by the egg donor agency can be a red flag. You, as an intended parent, have every right to meet the egg donor before you finalize her, and a bonafide egg donor agency will always acknowledge that.
Skype Meeting with the Egg Donor
In some countries, it is legitimate to keep the egg donor’s details private. In those cases, intended parents should go for the ones where they can have their desired details about the egg donor. In case the egg donor agency cannot arrange for a one to one meeting with all the egg donors that you have shortlisted, at least they can arrange for Skype meetings for you to have direct talks with the donor.
Avoid Non-Transparent Egg Donor Agency
It is important for intended parents to be conscious of the fertility process that they are going through. We understand the agony they are going through, but that should not be the reason for them to indulge in something illegal. In case, the egg donor agency is not being transparent about the egg donor and you only get to know what the egg donor agency tells you, there are chances that the procedure the agency is following is not legitimate.
Egg Donor Hair for Future DNA Test
Intended parents want to be sure in everything in their IVF program. In case they want to match the baby DNA with the egg donor they were been promised by the egg donor agency, they can keep the egg donor’s hair with them for a future DNA test. This is a transparent way for the intended parents to be sure of getting what they are paying for. Also, this is a vital protocol for the egg donor agency itself as they get to establish themselves as a reputed and trustworthy agency.
Winding Up
Egg donation is a boon for all those lovely intended parents who look for more fertile and healthy eggs for their IVF program. It is the egg donor agency’s duty and responsibility to provide the intended parents with every minute detail that they look for. At the same time, it is also the intended parent’s responsibility to be conscious during the entire process and rationally choose and pay for everything.