I am beyond grateful

I am beyond grateful for the experience given to me by new life, to complete another cycle to help a couple to achieve their dream of a child is a blessing.

The experience was not only amazing, but left me in awe at how Newlife not only cares for but also looks out for the best interest of their donors.

Having donated with other IVF companies before I can confidently say that Newlife has left me with an even greater respect for this industry.

NO cost was spared by the company on our trip to Mexico, only giving us the best of the best, from the top IVF doctor’s who were not only kind and gentle but also very considerate and caring before and on the day of retrieval.

The clinic absolutely prestine and staff incredibly professional.

No cost was incurred by us as the donors and we were amazingly spoilt to have been put up in the most beautiful resort that was all inclusive, we wanted for nothing.

I would like to thank new life for having me as one of their donors and giving me the opportunity to experience a journey that I would not be able to afford to do myself.

I would refer every person (I know to be interested) to donate with new life.

A very happy and impressed donor indeed.

Looking forward to future donations with you.