Important Questions to ask the Egg Donor Candidate

There are many reasons why women need an egg donor to help them have a baby. Women suffering from cancer, or have had previous cancer treatment, or premature menopause usually considers an egg donor for a healthier egg for the IVF program. Women who are carriers of a genetic condition, or they may have a congenital condition also go for egg donors for their IVF cycle.
It is a crucial task for intended parents to choose an egg donor. The decision of using them in the first place also is a major determination for them. They tend to look for the practical traits in the egg donors before finalizing them as they see it as a major factor in enhancing the features of the inherited child. Some parents also count more on repeated egg donors with successful records of fertilization. They should know the fact that an egg donor loses her follicle count after a series of 6 to 7 egg donation. So, going again for them only for the sake of her previous records might not be an intelligent option.
Step of Couples Undergoing Treatment for IVF with Egg Donation
The first step of couples undergoing treatment for IVF with egg donation to become a parent is to find a reliable egg donor. Almost all fertility clinics have their database of egg donors to suggest the couples in case of failure of quality egg production even after prolonged IVF treatment. Couples, who are here for childbirth through IVF and surrogacy, are of the intention to save time and money. They also prefer to cut short the treatment procedure by hiring an egg donor for themselves. Assisted fertility techniques of offering an egg donor eradicate the obstacles and barriers of fertility and make it faster towards having a successful pregnancy.
Questions To Ask the Egg Donor Candidate
It is important for the intended parents to ask rational questions to the Egg Donor and not make her uncomfortable with unnecessary questions. They should respect her privacy and not bother her with questions that are not related to the IVF program. Egg Donor Agencies should play an important role here by coordinating the entire thing in a good way.
Personality: There are certain personality traits that intended parents look for. They are most welcome to ask the Egg Donor about her basic details and try to figure out her personality.
Education and career: Education is another vital factor for intended parents while they consider an egg Donor for their fertility program. They can politely inquire about the egg donor’s education and areas of interest. They can ask questions about her related to her job and career. These details will help the intended parents to have a fair idea about her.
Hobbies: Apart from personality, education, and career, it is the hobbies of a person that makes them the person that they are. Some people have unique hobbies that make them stand out from the crowd. While having a conversation with the Egg Donor, intended parents can talk about their hobbies and how they utilize their time.
Reason for them to become an Egg Donor: It is very essential for intended parents to know no why egg donors have chosen to donate her eggs is there. This question is important as it determines the legitimate intention of the Egg Donor in this noble cause of contributing to the intended parent’s journey towards having a baby.
Medical history: Although the Egg Donor agency provides the intended parents with all the required medical details of the Egg Donor, however, we always mention that it is the intended parent’s responsibility as well to remain conscious during the entire process and take part in everything. Hence, they can ask about certain medical details of the Egg Donor-related to chronic illnesses like cancer or Diabetes.
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