Our Lovely Egg Donors amazing testimonials

‘’This was my second time with New Life. It was an amazing experience; I would never go to another company. The coordinator Junette ar an amazing support system, she is there to comfort you. I felt safe at the clinic, hotel, flights, and people were perfect‘’

N.L from South Africa

‘’Becoming an egg donor changed my life. I am honestly so honored to be part of something so special. I really felt like it was my chance to help give someone their miracle. The staff here was wonderful and treated me like a guest of honor through the entire process, and I appreciate how they made me feel like I am part of a Family.

Junette our coordinator, was truly superb, if I never had any questions she as quick to respond to my needs. She was very professional, knowledgeable and best of all Friendly. As a First time donor, I am truly grateful to be a donor of a reputable agency like New Life. Thank you, New Life for making this such a memorable experience. I would never be able to put my gratitude into words’’

A.S from South Africa

‘’I have always wanted to give to people and New Life gave me the opportunity to help fill a family with their missing puzzle piece.

Our coordinator (Junette) made my first experience as smooth and memorable just as I’d hoped it be. Everyone was so friendly and I just loved spending time with this supportive people. Our hotel was top notch with excellent service and don’t forget about the excellent staff who made 110 % sure that we were safe, healthy and got treated the by the best‘’