It is another program in which I participate. However, for the first time in Cambodia. Until now, each travel associated with discovering new places, other cultures, early preparation for the trip and the huge expectations. This time it was the same, I could not wait to start stimulation because it meant that trip is soon. I also knew that together will we flew 6 people – 5 donors and Mrs. Justyna so I was hoping to meet new people and at the same time I knew that because of the presence of Mrs. Justyna – everything will be planned. We quickly found with the girls a common language, so that trip turned into a holiday. Visits in clinic I remember very well, because despite fears – there was a sterile clean, everyone was nice and the Doctor on the screen was showing me the follicles and explained that they are ready for pick up. Between a visit to the clinic when I learned about the day of egg retrival, we spent time exploring, swimming in the pool and tasting a local cuisine. Who does not like Asian food, easily can find European food there, and the opportunity to talk to the residents of the city so we could get to know them better and blend in with the prevailing turmoil and positive mood.

A visit in clinic on the day of egg collection went quickly – instantly we were ushered into the room to get changed. The whole procedure took lasted 20 minutes after which I found in the room where Mrs Justyna was waiting for us. After 2 hours doctor performed an ultrasound check and let us get back to the hotel.< Once again, I can say that I experienced a great journey, broke away from reality and a few days later I found out about the positive pregnancy test of woman. Is this the end? No ! I look forward to further proposals and I strongly encourage you to participate in the program. Maybe we were meet?