Great Journey with New Life “My journey with New Life started almost two years ago when I met the lovely Junette,: What a women, she is phenomenal, caring, kind, never just assumes, always ask.

She made sure to always make contact with me, even when I was busy even by just a little message.
I have not met many people like her, and I can see why she has this wonderful job, she is so good at it, organised, willing, and most of all always reachable and very reliable , when she says she will call you or get back to you today, she does, she is excellent at her work and a wonderful people’s person. I feel like I have made a new friend in her, and what a privilege and blessing to know someone as lovely as Junette.

Once I was called by Junette to say that I had been chosen by a lucky couple, I was told Exactly when to go onto my pill and off. My medication was sent to a pharmacy close to my home which was very convenient for me, all the medication was all ready paid for, I just had to go and fetch it from the pharmacy.

Junette phoned me and explained exactly when I should start injecting myself and how much medication it was very easy to do that and it did not hurt one bit. I went for two scans in my hometown which was all paid for by the company, and finally the day came to fly to lovely Georgia I met Junette at the airport, where she drove all the way to just meet me, meeting her for the first time face to face didn’t feel any different then meeting here on the phone and through emails, she is so comfortable with herself she makes you feel comfortable, she is easy to talk to, and just a really, really nice person. We had lunch, and off I went to board.

It was a long but enjoyable flight, the airline was amazing. Upon my arrival in Georgia I was met by New Life’s driver, what a nice, funny man, he just makes you laugh. We went from there to the clinic.

At the clinic I was helped very quickly, I had a scan and my medication adjusted, from there I went to the New Life offices where I met Sophie that also works for New Life, what a lovely lady she gave me some spending money and we sat down and talked about a few things and she told me more about their beautiful city and where to go to, she was very helpful, friendly and concerned that I was happy with all, which off course I was, I then got taken to the hotel where I rested. The hotel was amazing with a beautiful swimming pool, and with the wonderful weather of 34 degrees I got a very nice tan.

I went for a few more scans, everything is so organised. When you have a doctor’s appointment, the driver fetches you and brings you back. The doctor was a lady and so nice. After a couple of scans and my “eggies” growing to the correct size, the doctor gave me my final injection, on the day of retrieval I came to the hospital with the driver and was taken for one more scan, and after that I went to put on those ohhh so very “sexy” hospital clothes, it was not long after that, that I went in for my procedure.

After I woke up from the procedure the doctor came to me immediately and asked me how I felt, I felt really good but still very sleepy, which has been the case with previous donations too, I sleep very long, after I had rested enough, I got dressed and went for another scan, this to me was very nice as the doctor showed me all was fine and that she was happy with how it went.
I then went back to the hotel where I just relaxed. Two days after the retrieval I went for a final scan to see that all was well, the doctor is very concerned to make sure that you are happy and that all is fine once you leave. This is something I thought was very nice, making sure to show you that all is fine.

I had a lovely time walking around in the beautiful city, and enjoying all the lovely little shops and beautiful churches and Cathedrals. Old Thibilisi is very magical with many places looking like castles. The food was amazing, and there were many beautiful places to see, the hotel was walking distance from many places. I had a wonderful time. I just want to say a special thank you to New Life for giving me this opportunity and also to Junette, you are a wonderful women and I am so glad I got the chance to meet you through New Life, also to Sophie for being so nice and helpful and to the driver Edo who made the whole experience just as much fun by being so fun and taking me around.

To any new girls wanting to Join New Life, I have only a few words for you: What are you waiting for….”

My Georgian Experience
The first words that come to mind when I look back at my first donation is speechless and I am left in complete awe, but before my Tbilisi adventure could start, New Life took all the necessary precautions to ensure that my well-being always remained their first priority.

New Life takes the utmost care in hand picking the best gynaecologists in Cape Town, South Africa and they are beyond friendly, kind but most of all gentle with you. I always hated the idea of someone fiddling with my lady parts but I got so comfortable that my gynaecologist that appointments seemed to fly by with no discomfort at all. The injections were the fun part for me; yes I’m a weirdo that way, I literally used to count down the time to give myself some jabs in my tummy (if you not a needle person don’t worry Junette is more than willing to do them for you). The only side efforts from the injections is some light bruising, sometimes a bit of a sting, and then maybe the sensation of your tummy feeling a bit hard/bloated in some areas.

Once the injections start working and your eggs start growing it’s nearly time to get on that plane and that’s when the real fun starts. Once my eggs had grown to the correct size it’s was time for me to get on a plane to Georgia alone I might add. This wasn’t the first time I had travelled abroad by myself but it was the first going abroad to no one I knew, but with the go-getter and up-for-anything attitude I pride myself with, once I was on that plane it felt like I was going to a place I had already known. I was welcomed at the Tbilisi Airport by the New Life driver Edu who escorted me to the head offices to meet all the other ladies who were absolutely welcoming and so excited to have me there I really felt like royalty. After a quick check up at the gynaecologist I Edu showing me around for future travels I was taken to the most amazing Holiday Inn ever and I got to call this place home for a week.

Exploring a whole new world was the best part of my experience and I was thankful that I got to do it alone because my wonderings weren’t dictated by another party, I could discover new things to my heart’s content. Soon it was D-day and time for my procedure. I met with the anaesthesiologist who explained how he would be using a very light anaesthesia because it is a very light procedure and made double sure I wasn’t allergic to the type of anaesthesia he would be using. The actual procedure took about an hour, hour and a half maybe. Waking up was a bit of a blur but I regained full consciousness within minutes the pain wasn’t too bad and the New Life ladies took me out for lunch straight after which shows how mobile you can be after the retrieval process. And in the in trim of all of this Junette called me each and every day sometimes more than once a day to check on how I am doing how I’m feeling or if there was anything I needed which just proves how much these amazing women at New Life care about you and your well-being. So all in all I had a truly amazingly beautiful experience but most of all I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to helpa couple build a family and make their dreams come true. I am so grateful that New Life creates these unbelievable opportunity not only for potential donors to travel and do good at the sametime, but the opportunity for someone to have the family they have always wanted.”