Preparation for your Travel Egg donor program

Follow the whole process with us!

Dear Intended parents, we are really happy that you have selected travelling Egg donor from our database which is one of the most emotional part in your path to parenthood. You have selected IVF clinic, program dates are set– that means half of the work is done. I would like to give you details of the whole preparatory process as you have already decided to go for Travelling Egg donor programs with us.

Once the contractual formalities are finalized, donor has to perform full screening on day 2-3 of her menses to make sure she is definitely eligible for the program. Screening comprises of the whole set of hormonal and infectious tests, blood work and antral follicle count. Donor should have good number of antral follicles and acceptable test results in order to be enrolled in the program. High level of Anti Mullerian Hormon (AMH), low level of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and normal range of other hormonal tests together with ultrasound scan defining good number of follicles are main indicators that donor is accepted. Doctors are performing each selected donor’ medical evaluation very carefully. We coordinate with both medical team – with local fertility specialist, who is in charge of donor’s medical preparation and with the destination clinic where IVF is going to be performed.
Once both medical team agrees that donor is eligible for the program based on her last screening results, donor starts getting contraceptives from day 3 of her menses to regulate her menstrual cycle and synchronize it with the recipient. Her next menstrual period will usually become the starting date of the program cycle.

We keep donor on active contraceptives for 2-3 weeks before she starts stimulation. Once donor gets last pill, she will wait for her cycle to come and performs ultrasound screening and hormonal tests on day 2-3 from her cycle start. Doctor will prescribe necessary dose of hormonal medications that are necessary to make sure donor has multiple mature eggs during one cycle. Screening results and stimulation protocol is sent to the attention of medical team where IVF is planned and based on both doctor’s opinion donor carries on with stimulation. Additional donor check-up is usually scheduled for day 5 and day 8 of stimulation and both medical team is observing carefully the progress donor has on that stage of stimulation.

Donor and their chaperons are departing on day 9 from the local country and they are available in the destination clinic on day 10 of stimulation.

Destination clinic checks the progress donor has for day 10 of stimulation and decides next stimulation protocol. Donor either carries on with stimulation for a couple of days before they prescribe trigger shot – triggering ovulation through a single injection or she is instructed to get trigger for definite time. This drug is injected after tests indicate that eggs have matured. Egg retrieval occurs 34-36 hours after this injection.

Retrieval is the process when mature eggs are removed from the donor through 15 minute surgical procedure called trans-vaginal ultrasound aspiration that is performed under sedation. Donor will be asked to remain in the clinic for 1-2 hours. All the time and especially on the day of retrieval, chaperon accompanies her to the fertility center and drives her home. She will be prescribed an antibiotic to prevent infection. Removed eggs will be mixed with sperm in the laboratory to create embryos which then will be transferred to the recipient.

Chaperon is the person who monitors the whole process and supports the donor during the whole trip. She is in close touch with our coordinators and gives our agency very recent updates.

Our agency makes sure all process is transparent and smoothly coordinated between all parts to get the best possible results.