Responsibilities of an Egg Donor beyond Egg Donation

Ever since the concept of IVF and surrogacy has become widespread, women no longer tend to hide the fact that their babies have come out the eggs of another person who acted as the donor in their childbirth process. The donors are genetically or physically similar to the couples and have similar intelligence or ability that the intended parents desire to pass on to their children.
Major Elements of an IVF Cycle
Egg donation is one of the major elements of an IVF cycle. It is a preferred procedure for all those infertile couples who suffer from lack of healthy eggs to conceive. Apart from infertile couples, singles and homogeneous couples also opt for egg donation as they are not able to produce one for them. Apart from the fact that egg donors are financially compensated for their service, they are expected to be emotional and empathetic towards the intended parents. They have a bigger responsibility on themselves. As a matter of fact, every egg Donor understands their duties. Not only they have to take care of themselves during the preparation phase offer donation but also have to who considered the intended parent’s emotions involved in the process.
Dream to Active Parenthood
It is someone’s dream to active parenthood and under no circumstances shall it be taken lightly anywhere. The prospective egg donors are sent to go through a series of medical tests to check their fertility quotient through minimally invasive procedures. Assisted fertility techniques of offering an egg donor eradicate the obstacles and barriers of fertility and make it faster towards having a successful pregnancy.
Pointers to Remember and Maintain As an Egg Donor
Doctor Prescriptions
Egg donors should follow the doctor’s prescription by heart. They should understand the course of medicine given to them and have it on time. There is a great difference between a medicine taken on time and the medicine taken at a later time. The egg Donor would be on her own at her house without any nurse to remind her of the medicine. This is the usual scenario. So she has to be alert in taking the timely medicines, which is very necessary for producing healthy eggs.
The egg donor has injected stimulation medications that help developing multiple eggs in her. The IVF clinic then uses those eggs to perform in vitro fertilization. The lining thickness is desired to be at around 8mm or more with egg donation to maximize the rate of success. However, a modified estrogen protocol is required to get sufficient lining thickness. Egg donors are expected to coordinate with the procedure and help the IIBF program to go smoothly.
Timely Visits in Clinic
It is most important for an egg donor to regularly visit the doctor and monitor medication. This will help to keep a track of the medical progress or any added medication that she might require. Never miss a doctor’s appointment. In case you are not able to make it for one, you should coordinate with the agency and get yourself another date for the doctor’s visit.
Not to Miss Any Medicine
Every ampoule of medicine is important for the egg donor at this time. Even a single miss out of a dose of medicine this time can ruin the entire medication process. Hence, egg donors should be careful and maintain a regular routine in their medicine intake. This schedule is personal and the egg donor should be responsible for maintaining it herself.
In case you have missed any medicine or a dose, you should immediately contact the doctor and disclose in details to her. The doctor will be the best guide to help you this time.
No Alcohol, No Smoking
Last but not the least and egg Donor should refrain herself from any type of addiction. Consuming alcohol for smoking cigarettes can harm her medication procedure, which will ultimately ruin the IVF program.
Ending Words
We guide every egg Donor in the procedure of preparing herself to donate healthy eggs to a childless couple. Apart from all the guidance that we have mentioned in this blog, the egg Donor has to be humanly connected to the intended parents for a better attachment and result.