South African Donor Travels to Cyprus

I would like to thank you for the Amazing donor program that you are running!

I recently had a donation at the North Cyprus Clinic in Cyprus.

First of all Cyprus is an amazing Place to go: with its friendly people that make you feel right at home, the Hotels with their excellent food and service, the beautiful swimming pools and spa, the awesome hotel rooms and the breathtaking Mediterranean Sea with the warmest and clearest water I have ever been in and such a clean place!

Secondly, the Clinic has the best Doctors and staff ever! Everyone is so friendly and caring. The Doctor’s first priority is the donor and ensures that their health and well-being is of the best!

I would also like to thank the IP’S for choosing me to help them start a family. I pray and truly hope that they will be blessed with one or two babies. 🙂

Lastly but best of all I would like to thank Junette who is by far the most organized, caring, vibrant coordinator ever! There are actually not enough words to describe how amazing she is and how good she is at doing her job/ passion!

I encourage as many women as possible to become egg donors and experience the absolutely amazing joy of being able to help couples in this selfless way.

It is truly a win-win situation and the best experience you could ever have!

Thanks again for this opportunity and to everyone involved!

Sending you lots of love and light! 🙂