Surrogacy for HIV Positive Parents

Being HIV positive does not take away the right of being parents from anybody. It is equally important for HIV positive people to have their families. Sometimes, it seems to be more important for them to have a family than others. HIV positive people have their own struggles in life. They need more care and attention around them to cope up better with their treatment procedures.

Nothing prevents a HIV positive person from having a child through surrogacy. Days have changed and new wings have added to the surrogacy procedures. HIV positive people can also try surrogacy by the technique of Special Program of Assisted Reproduction (SPAR). This technique has allowed countless HIV+ men to become fathers. NewLife takes honour in working with such advanced technology and providing surrogacy solution to individuals and couples through it.

This new program tests the HIV load of the semen and recommends sperm washing for IVF procedures. The sperm is absolutely free from any sort of infection after washing and is entirely safe to be used in fertility procedures.

The Procedure of SPAR

There are 4 stages involved in SPAR:

There are four basic steps involved in SPAR:

  1. Dialogue with the intended parents and the chosen surrogate mother

It is very important to keep the entire procedure of SPAR transparent to the intended parents and surrogates. Both the parties have to agree on carrying out such sensitive surrogacy before actually initiating it. The surrogate should be explained properly about the consequences of the procedures so that she agrees to the contract wholeheartedly.

  1. Semen collection, following FDA protocol

Samples of semen are collected for laboratory testing to check the level of virus present in it. The test is executed particularly by using the PCR HIV DNA assay. The sample is then washed to segregate separate the sperm from the seminal fluid.  It uses a centrifuge to separate the sperm and collect it securely.

  1. Cryopreservation of the selected sperm

The selected sperm are suspended in a new solution and sent for cryopreservation. Cryopreservation helps in retaining the quality of the sperm for a longer period.

  1. Transferring the sperm to an IVF clinic for fertilization and embryo formation

The sperm hence cryopreserved are sent to an IVF clinic to be used for fertilization. It is used to fertilize the donor’s eggs to form an embryo.

Surrogates for SPAR Program

Surrogates are entitled to receive information related to SPAR program. Interested surrogates are sent for workshops where they learn in details about the procedure. Generally surrogates give it a second thought before signing such surrogacy contract. However, we have noticed them to join the program wholeheartedly once we arrange one on one meeting for them with our leading IVF consultants. They get to know about every minor details of the procedure and satisfy all their queries.

Additional Costs for SPAR

Yes, there are additional costs related to sperm washing. It requires high skills and exclusive devices to perform such functions. Hence, it adds to the medical costs related to the surrogacy program.

Newlife and Its Attributes towards HIV+ Intended Parents

NewLife strongly believes in the concept that everyone deserves a chance to become parents, and so does an HIV+ person. They also should be given equal chances of fertility treatment and surrogacy. There should not be any barrier on the way of their fertility treatment based on any negative discrimination.

We have been creating families for HIV+ people for years now with almost zero hazards. Advanced technologies introduced in the field of IVF have enabled such treatments possible where surrogates can freely take up the responsibility of carrying an HIV+ person’s child in their womb. Sperm washing has opened new doors of treatment for HIV+ persons. Egg donation can help this procedure to execute successfully like any other IVF trials. The procedure is completely safe for the surrogate mother and for the child as well.

Additional Expenditure Involved In the Sperm Washing Technique

Well, there is an extra expenditure involved in the sperm washing procedure. Once the sperm are washed, it becomes perfectly suitable to be used for the process of insemination. Sperm washing technique is used in the IVF procedure from the year 1992. So we can understand that this is not something on trial. Expert consultants have worked on the same for more than two decades now. This technique separates the healthy sperm from the semen and collects it for the IVF procedure. Of course it is crucial to segregate the sperm floating on samples of semen loaded with HIV virus. IVF clinics required special operators and devices to perform such procedures. There is no threat left to the surrogate or to the baby after the sperm washing procedure. It is rightly ethical to disclose every factual detail to the surrogate mother serving for this program. Most IVF clinics do not proceed for such programs due to the lack of Technology and experience. NewLife has been committed in superior IVF programs for HIV positive intended parents around the world.

Our surrogacy programs are open to every intended parent who desires to have a genetically connected child. Lack of facilities cannot be an excuse does not run such sensitive programs. We have all our resources that include efficient medical consultants, operation executives, and modern devices that have enabled us to reach new heights.

It is important for an HIV positive person to have a complete life. Gone are the days when there was no treatment for such diseases. Technological advances in the medical field have enabled HIV positive people to lead a better life. They also can have a family to complete themselves. Sperm washing is not practiced everywhere in the world, even though initiated in the year 1992.Very few IVF clinics have introduced this technique in their IVF trials. It is often due to the inadequacy of required devices and experience that has restricted sperm washing techniques to be introduced in many reputed IVF clinics as well.