Surrogacy in Mexico is Still an Option

Mexico is one of the favorite spots of international fertility treatments due to its proximity to Latin America, the United States, and Canada. Parents can enjoy a delightful beach vacation along with high-class IVF treatments and surrogacy facilities. Parents, looking for customized IVF treatments, egg donors and reputed surrogates find Mexico as the dreamland to make their longing desire of parenthood coming true. The cultural richness and compassion of the country makes Mexico favorable destination for intended parents. The country has hosted medical visits of couples across the globe to achieve successful parenthood.

Mexican medical tourism is affordable for those who want private surrogacy treatment. English speaking surrogacy specialists provide world-class medical facilities for IVF treatments and surrogacy in the country.

IVF and Egg donation is less than 4 times expensive in Mexico than in the United States and Canada. That’s the reason why couples around the world visit Mexico to avail surrogacy at an affordable rate, without compromising on the quality and class.

Mexican Surrogacy Law for Foreigners

On 15th December 2015, the Congress of the state of Tabasco, Mexico voted unanimously to ban foreign surrogacy in Tabasco, Mexico. The move has been quickly put into law by the governing body. Hence, there will be no longer representation of a viable option for foreign couples visiting Tabasco in search of a surrogate mother. International surrogacy is open in all the other states of Mexico.

The broader information about the implementation of the law in Mexico reveals that the ban is in just a single state, Tabasco, and not in the entire country. International intended parents can still visit Mexico for their surrogacy needs, and avail the best quality egg donors and IVF treatments. Surrogacy in Mexico is still an option for international intended parents.

After surrogacy restrictions in India, Nepal, and Thailand, Mexico has emerged as the last ‘affordable’ surrogacy option for many. It is one of the favorite surrogacy destinations besides the US that allows singles and same-sex couples, along with heterosexual couples.

Gay and Single Surrogacy

Mexico welcomes same sex couples to build their families here. It allows singles to avail commercial surrogacy within the country. Mexico is one of the top surrogacy options for gay couples for several reasons. Its proximity to the United States and the low prices for the procedure than in its neighboring countries has made it one of the sought after surrogacy centers. Couples can easily access egg donors in Tijuana, Cancun and Mexico City.

The average cost of surrogacy in Mexico varies from $35,000 to $55,000, excluding the travel expenses. Mexico has been increasingly chosen as a major surrogacy destination by the U.S., Europe, Australia, Canada and Asian citizens.

Why choose Mexico for surrogacy programs?

Cost-benefits in Mexico is the prime reason why international intended parents visit the country to avail specialist surrogacy facilities. Majority of intended parents from the United States and Canada, visit Mexico to avoid the high cost of IVF treatments. Mexico renders comparatively lower cost of ICSI treatment and PGD.

Traveling to Mexico is also easy from America and Canada. As a matter of fact, citizens of the USA do not require Mexican visa for surrogacy travels into the country. People from other parts of the world visiting Mexico for surrogacy require sanctioned Mexican visa. People, traveling from Chicago or New York can reach Mexico within 4 to 5 hours by air.

Other than specialist IVF treatment and surrogacy facilities, what attract couples in Mexican medical tourism are the exotic White Sea beaches, hiking, swimming, and tempting local delicacies. These factors add more thrill to the purpose of surrogacy, with which couples enter this dreamland of parenthood. The Mayan culture, historic Mexican sites and mind-blowing attraction of Mexico compels couples to choose the country as an exotic location for surrogacy. The climate of the country is soothing. It varies typically from tropical to arid. It is formed of plains, deserts, coastal lowlands, central high plateaus, and mountains.

The federal constitutional North American republic of Mexico is three times bigger than Texas. People here speak Spanish and English. Mexico is rapidly developing in the global economy.

Call us to know more about surrogacy in Mexico. New Life, Mexico has been birthing babies for couples through surrogacy since decades. We welcome you to experience world-class medical facilities and heartfelt compassion of the country throughout your surrogacy journey.