Testimonial From one of our Fabulous Egg Donor

Testimonial from one of our Fabulous New Life Egg Donors that has returned from her program in Cambodia

The photo was with one of the Day Tours we had to the National Museum of Cambodia

I went to Cambodia not knowing I would come back completely changed. My little world and everything I’ve ever known was completely ripped apart and replaced with a different mindset and understanding of the world.

Not only do I now more than ever appreciate the various cultures and histories of the world, I also for the first time felt that the need I have to REALLY make a difference in the world, was grazed. I have truly made a difference in someone else’s life. This time it wasn’t all about me. It was what can I do to help you? And that is the best feeling in the world! Meeting the soon to be parents was a most amazing thing. To see the gratitude in their eyes, feeling every word that they want to say, but aren’t able to express it through words.

New friendships and bonds were formed that will truly last a lifetime! We had so much fun exploring the city, visiting the museums, historical monuments and just lazily lounging next to the pool with smoothies and amazing food.

I went thinking I was going to change someone else’s life, not knowing I was going to be the one changed. Thank you New Life!