Thank you New Life!

Hello everyone, I am from South Africa and I have participated in an egg donation program through New Life.  Firstly I would like to thank my coordinator Natalie for the amazing support and help she has given me throughout the process. Before wanting to donate my eggs I have done a lot of research as it was very important to me to find someone that will support me all the way. Natalie contacted me regarding a frozen program. After receiving all the information I decided that this is definitely something I would like to do. The process was very easy and I was given information every step of the way. The clinic, the doctors, and the nurses was very friendly and helpful. They were available at any time to answer any questions. On the day of retrieval, I felt calm and relaxed knowing that I was in the hands of good people. Natalie was also there for support and I felt very at ease! Everything went well and I am extremely happy with my decision of choosing New Life. I will definitely do this again and will recommend New Life to anyone that it’s interested in the donor program. Thank you New Life for taking such great care of me and for giving me the opportunity to change a life!