Travel Egg Donor preparation

International travelling egg donors are young motivated woman willing to travel to various destinations. In some occasions, intended parents have already selected specific IVF clinic and our agency has to ensure smooth coordination of the program- starting from egg donor medical preparation to her travel arrangements to the destination clinic.

One of the most important factors when planning Travelling Egg Donor program is to have smooth coordination between both medical team – doctors who are directly involved in donor medical preparation and doctors from destination clinic, where IVF – In Vitro Fertilization takes place. This will give opportunity all medical team to participate in the whole process and share equal responsibility to make sure everything goes smoothly and according to the plan.

During preparation period, our coordinators are in constant communication with doctors from both side. Once the donor is approved for the program, program dates are fixed. Initially, donor starts birth control pills/contraceptives to harmonize her cycle with the recipient and then hormonal medications-. One month prior to the pure program dates, our travelling coordinator works out donor stimulation schedule in coordination with both medical team. This is very transparent and accurate process and whole medical team is participating, exchanging information to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our donors never travel to destination clinic before day 9-10 of stimulation. The main reason, we recommend parents to allow us to do so, is to ensure, once donor is in destination clinic, she is adequately prepared and no cancellation takes place. On day 6-8 of stimulation, it may happen that follicles have not grown as expected. Doctors name it as donor’s poor response to stimulation. In this case intended parents will need to cover the partial cost of donor’s service and just the cost for medications used for 6-8 days. Consequences is not pleasant, if donor travels to the destination clinic earlier than day 9-10 of stimulation and donor’s poor response to stimulation is identified on that stage.

Our donors are always accompanied by chaperon when travelling. Chaperon is the person who looks after the donor and is around her all the time. She makes sure that donor follows doctor’s recommendations precisely and keeps constant communication with travelling coordinator. Besides the medical part, donors are taken to special tours to do the sightseeing so that the trip is very memorable for them. Donors and chaperons are accommodated in nice hotels with all inclusive services which makes the trip as pleasant as possible.
Our highly trained and experienced professional staff will make sure all is planned and organized smoothly from the beginning till the final outcome of the program.

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