When I first came across the announcement of the donation program, I was very curious. Mrs. Justyna gave me all the necessary information to take part in the process. I must emphasize that she was very understanding because I had a lot of questions. Once I have made up my mind after 2 weeks I got the message that there are interested parents but the program would take place in Cambodia. I was curious but at the same time there were also questions: are you sure they have a good care? Is the standard of the clinic is good? Do nothing will happen to me? Ms. Justyna also dispelled these doubts – I saw pictures of the clinic, hotel photos and later received confirmation of all bookings. Now that I am after all I can tell potential donors: wish we would have that standard of care in Poland was like there. Pleasant staff, short waiting time at the doctor, bright and clear information and ensure our intimacy and tranquility made me feel very safe. At the same time I experienced an unforgettable adventure and returned with the knowledge that I helped fulfill the ultimate dream of couple. It’s a very nice feeling and I hope I will have the opportunity to feel it again