What Does Egg Donor Availability Mean? Things to Expect From Egg Donor Availability

In assisted reproduction treatment, egg donors are used to getting eggs for fertility programs in order to enable another woman to conceive.
It is a major step in the fertility journey for an intended parent (IP) to decide on the donor eggs. It is one of the toughest choices to make. IP’s are often worried about “how can we find an egg donor who is perfect for us?” It is quite a challenge for them to be emotionally ready to move forward with donated eggs. Apart from this, there remain concerned about the qualities of an egg donor that they are looking for!
One can find various egg donors’ profiles in the egg donor’s database. With the change of time, people are more aware of fertility programs and many women volunteer to donate their eggs for such treatment programs. IPs search egg donors primarily on the basis of ethnicity, appearance, blood type, and more. Some even ask for their childhood photos, research more about their hobbies, interests and other basics.
It is an overwhelming task that IPs assign to themselves in order to find the perfect egg donor that will help them have a successful fertility treatment program in a substantial amount of time.
Naturally, IPs remains anxious as they have to depend on a complete stranger woman in the part of making their baby.
The standard considerations of IPs while choosing an egg donor are?
Look of the donor: Intended Parents want to match their own ethnicity and appearance with their upcoming baby. The donor’s physical appearance is important as it cannot be changed by nurture in the baby. There can be no prediction or control in how the child will look. However, skin tones, body type, and facial features are important in determining the likelihood of the baby’s physical appearance.

Intelligence: Intended parents often consider the verified SAT scores, Average Grade Point, educational degrees and occupation of the egg donor while selecting them. Apart from this they also pay attention to their parent and sibling occupations, favorite books of the egg donor and academic awards they have achieved as plays a big part in shaping intelligence of the baby.
Family health history: IPs looks for a reasonable health history free of mental and physical health problems in an egg donor. They ask for a detailed medical report on the donor’s family to assess the risks and their carrier status.
Special talents: Talents like athleticism, artistic, music, singing, dancing, or any particular flair that intended parents want to have in their child are often important factors to choose an egg donor.
Inexplicable attraction: At times there is a sublime affection that connects intended parents with the donor.
Egg Donor Availability
It is vital for every one of us to know and understand that most egg donors register themselves to a number of egg donor agencies and not one. So when they register themselves in multiple egg donor agencies, all of the agencies show them in their availability chart. However, there are chances of them being enrolled for a particular IVF program by any of those multiple egg donor agencies that the egg donor has enrolled her too! So, it becomes important for the egg donor agency to constantly update their egg donor availability chart or else intended parents will not be in a situation to choose from the “untrue” egg donor availability chart.
Apart from this, there are occasions when an egg donor is not considered well enough for a fertility program after her medical tests. In those cases, the egg donor agency should remove her from the egg donor availability chart to keep the chart justified and compact.
Things to Expect from Egg Donor Availability
It is a vital responsibility of the egg donor agencies to constantly update its egg donor availability chart. It is misleading for them to crowd the egg donor availability chart with names of egg donors who are actually not available. Intended parents would expect clarity is the chart of available egg donors that they are presenting to them, and it should be maintained for the reputation of the egg donor agency itself.