What Should An Egg Donor Know Before Donating Her Eggs?

Donating your eggs is the most generous gift that you can give to a childless couple. This is a real gift of life and the gesture is valued and honored for the entire life. There can be multiple reasons for childless couples to be not able to have a baby of their own.
Egg donation comes as a boon to all those childless couples who opt for fertility program to have a baby. Egg donors are the greatest contributors to such noble journey of parenthood.
Egg donors feel a huge sense of pride and achievement as they contribute to parenthood. The sense of joy and fulfillment cannot be measured with anything else as she comes to know about the successful pregnancy and delivery.
There are certain things that the egg donor also needs to know while choosing to donate her eggs. As a matter of fact, an egg donor goes through physical and emotional changes during her pre-medication and preparation phase. Hormones are injected to get the healthiest egg from her. Apart from that, there are a lot of legal hassles that she needs to be aware of. So this blog is for all the egg donors who are preparing themselves in contributing to this noble cause. We have made a list of things an egg donor needs to know as she considers donating her eggs.
Why Do Women Choose To Donate Their Eggs?
Egg donation is a rewarding thing to do for women as she takes part in the journey of parenthood for someone. A woman who has witnessed her friend or family going through fertility issues while conceiving can understand the pain of being childless. Her divine contribution cans her childless woman to have her baby. By donating her eggs she is supporting nature’s rule of creation.
Who Will Use My Donated Eggs?
Women suffering from cancer and undergoing treatment for it, or someone who has had previous cancer treatment, women experiencing premature menopause or someone with a congenital condition or being a carrier of a genetic condition usually does not have fertile eggs. Those women need the help of an egg donor.
Apart from them, women who have had gone through extensive fertility treatments without success also use egg donor’s eggs for the purpose of their fertility program.
What’s Involved In The Screening Process?
The screening process includes a physical and medical diagnosis of the egg donor. Her medical reports are generated along with the references to health history. Doctors also consider her family health history for traces of chronic illnesses that she might inherit. All these are done to shortlist her profile for the egg donation process.
Do I Get Compensation?
Of course, an egg donor is entitled to compensation. Her medical tests and hormone medicines are all sponsored. She gets complete compensation for her services.
How Much Time Is Involved?
An egg aspiration procedure is first executed as the donor’s follicles are mature .this operation is done to remove the matured eggs from the donor’s ovaries. The eggs hence bought out are fertilized in the laboratory along with the sperm. The sperm is normally taken from the infertile woman’s spouse or male partner. In case the couple is using donated sperm, the same sperm and egg are externally fertilized in the laboratory to form an embryo. Eggs received from the egg donor are used fresh to complete the IVF cycle.
Will I Need To Self-Inject?
The entire medication part is taken care of by the egg donation agency. The egg donor, however, might have to self-administer a few injections at home, which obviously are very easy. She is properly guided on how to administer injections on her and after complete satisfaction only she is given this responsibility.
Can I Become Pregnant During Treatment?
NO! Since no sperm is injected to the egg donor while she carries the eggs, there are absolutely no chances of her getting pregnant during this time? However, she has to abide by the contract signed by her and not indulge in any sexual activities during the medication period.
Legal Aspect
An egg donor has to be conscious and fully aware of the legal restrictions related to egg donation in her country. He should be aware of the terms of the contract she signs as an egg donor. It is utmost necessary for her to sign after she understands all the points by heart.
For more details on the knowledge, an egg donor needs to have before the procedure, send us your queries, and we will be happy to help you.