What Should You Know If You Are Travel Egg Donor?

It is great and exciting to get an opportunity to travel as part of your egg donation journey. However, it can also feel overwhelming at times. There are a number of things that you might experience when it comes to required travel during your donation journey. We have shared valuable tips for you to be sure of your safety as you take this decision of being a Travel Egg Donor.
It is a prevalent myth amongst many women that being a travel egg donor will require them to either relocate to another city for the course of the donation. This is not right. Also, you do not have to travel extensively for doctor’s appointments. So relax. Actually, you will only be expected to travel twice during the procedure. And there is no question of relocation at all.
Self-Administered Medications
The major part of the cycle monitoring appointments can easily be conducted in your hometown. It could also be conducted at a place nearby to your home location. The medications need to be self-administered in your own home. So actually it’s very easy and absolutely not hectic. You will only need to travel for your initial screening process in the beginning and later for the egg retrieval itself.
The initial screening begins after you have been considered and matched with any intended parent. This part requires you to be flying down to the location for your psychological and medical screening. Such trips are completed within a date mostly. However, depending on the case and situation, you might have to stay for a small period. This mostly happens due to flight schedules and doctor’s appointments. Fertility agencies pay for the entire trip that includes airfare, hotel, and food.
Egg Retrieval Procedure
Once the medical cycle is completed and you are ready for your egg retrieval procedure, the next trip is arranged and you need to travel again. As a matter of fact, this is a longer trip and you might be away from home for almost 4-12 days total. In case the clinic has quicker turnaround time, you can get your body monitoring done in a lesser period of time. As soon as the monitoring is completed, the most optimal day for your retrieval is finalized.
Egg Retrieval Trip
These trips are mostly solo and the agency pays only for the expenses of the egg Donor and not for the companion she has with her. Some Agencies, however, allow a companion with the egg Donor during the egg retrieval trip. You have to clearly talk to the agency coordinator regarding your requirements. In case you do not feel safe to move to another country or city for the egg retrieval procedure you can always ask the agency to sponsor a companion with you.
Travel Arrangements of an Egg Donor
As an Egg Donor, you should b responsively a part of the travel arrangements that are made for you. You should take care of yourself during travel and have food and drinks on time. Also, you should follow the doctor’s prescription during this time to keep yourself fit and active. You might have to travel to a new country where everything will be unknown to you. Avoid talking to any stranger in that country and follow the guidance of the coordinator you have been assigned to. The city coordinator will be the right person to answer your queries and not ask anything to a stranger for your own safety.
It is important for you to complete the procedure in as much less time as you can and return back safely to your country.
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