Why Should An Egg Donor Not Miss Her Stimulation Medicines?

Egg donation is a divine service that you render. We respect and honor your decision of choosing to donate your eggs to childless couples and help them form a family. However, there is a big responsibility that comes to you as you are considered for an IVF program.
It is a known fact that egg donors have to go through a series of hormone injections and medications to prepare the most fertile eggs. This is an important phase for the egg donor to follow. You have to take care of you completely during this time.
Ovarian Stimulation
This is the second stage of the IVF treatment cycle and is called the Ovarian Stimulation. It is executed to harvest maximum numbers of mature eggs from your ovary to increase the chances of fertilization. The fertilized eggs form embryos and are implanted back into the uterus, to develop into a healthy pregnancy.
The natural female reproductive cycle is a complicated process. Ovarian stimulation is no less. An IVF cycle can appear to be stressful for intended parents going through for the first time.
Ovarian Stimulation and Preparing For the Egg Retrieval
The entire procedure of ovarian stimulation and preparing for the egg retrieval is an emotional phase for the intended couples as well as the egg donors. The follicle stimulation involves severe rules and recommendation for its successful implementation. Breaching the rules set for the entire procedure may undermine the final outcome. Egg donors should wholeheartedly participate in this procedure to make sure that the IVF cycle is a successful one. They are required to be professionals and undergo the procedure with wholehearted commitment.
Challenging Part of the IVF Cycle
The procedure and phase of ovarian stimulation is a challenging part of the IVF cycle. Egg donors go through some medications that enhance the quality of egg production. Our objective always remains to make this period less stressful for them. Apart from proper arrangements, we induce several therapies that help the woman to gain mental and emotional stability during this tough period. We educate them properly on the entire procedure so that they remain alert of the self-administered medications. They also can understand the mood swings they go through during this time. It helps them to manage themselves better with proper knowledge about the procedure.
Follow All the Instructions and Guidelines
They need to pay a visit to the doctor regularly and take the medications carefully as prescribed. Egg donors should follow all the instructions and guidelines recommended to them during the stage of the stimulation. Rules are identical for the egg donors to follow for a successful IVF cycle.
Egg donors must be empathetic towards the intended parents who invest a lot of their finances to receive fertile eggs for their IVF process. Every ampoule of medicine is important for the egg donor at this time. Even a single miss out of a dose of medicine this time can ruin the entire medication process. Hence, egg donors should be careful and maintain a regular routine in their medicine intake. This schedule is personal and the egg donor should be responsible to maintain it herself.
Cause of Grief for an Entire Family
If you understand it deeply, a small miss out from your end can be the cause of grief for an entire family who aspires to bring home their bundle of joy. Intended parents wait long to finalize an egg donor for themselves. And, when they have finally chosen you, they count on you with all their hearts. They believe in you. In case you do not remember a particular section of the prescription or are confused with something, it is advised to immediately contact your co-coordinator at the agency and clarify it. Do not act when you are not sure. It’s an earnest request to the egg donors to feel the crisis of the intended parents and help them in the way they need it. Your heartiest contribution can bring joy to a childless family and complete their world.