Importance of Meeting with the Surrogate Mother During the Pregnancy

The biggest moment of joy for intended parents is to hear the news of pregnancy confirmation of their surrogate. Similarly, it is a great moment of delight and pleasure for the surrogate to be able to conceive for the intended parents. In fact, this is a mutual moment of happiness for the entire team. Now, this is the time to take care of the pregnancy until successful delivery.

Communication with the Intended Parents

Usually, the intended parents leave for their homeland after the pregnancy is confirmed. They keep a track of the pregnancy from there. With the onset of digital communication systems, it is very easy for them to follow the surrogacy from a distance. New Life offers multiple digital ways of communication to see the surrogate from a distance. We execute regular Skype calls, video conferences and medical updates for the intended parents to follow how their child grows in the surrogate’s womb. They might be in a completely different country or continent; they are still able to get a glimpse of their growing child along with the surrogate through various visual means.

It is quite difficult for the intended parents to remain away from their child during the gestational period. This is the time when they would like to stay connected to the surrogate and know about each development. A close communication is necessary during this time. Surrogacy agencies are committed to passing on all major and minor information on the health condition of the surrogate and the baby to the intended parents. However, nothing can beat the joy of meeting the surrogate in person and be with her for a few days.

Support During the Gestational Period

Intended parents mostly cannot devote the entire 9 months of the gestational period to take care of the surrogate and the baby personally. As per the international surrogacy procedures, they return to their country during this time and come back a few weeks before the delivery. However, the surrogate requires emotional support and care from the time of the initiation of pregnancy. She also undergoes a lot of biological changes during this time. She might be mentally ready for it, but the fluctuating hormonal balances in her body are something that she discovers after a while. Her body changes every single day. She goes through a phase where she copes with the hormonal changes on an everyday basis. This is the time when she require maximum emotional support. No reimbursement can replace this emotional attention during the gestational period.

Enthusiasm and Commitment

We encourage intended parents to come and visit the surrogate during the period of gestation. This fills them with enthusiasm and energy. As a matter of globally accepted fact, this divine service of the surrogate cannot be evaluated monetarily. Their dedication is way beyond what we can imagine. She carries the child in her womb for the entire pregnancy period, nurtures it with her own blood and hands it over to the intended parents after delivery. Her commitment and dedication towards her service are beyond any comparison. Hence, we put in all of our efforts to give her the best of care and attention during this time. Also for the intended parents who have been longing for a child for long, this is a crucial time. So, being with each other, they can soothe each other. Although we agree that work and professional commitments restrict the intended parents to remain out of their homes for long, short visits to the surrogate have great psychological effects on the health of both the surrogate and the baby.

The emotional process leaves the surrogate in need of a lot of nurturing. The surrogate puts her health on stake to give the best nourishment to the child. She might be professionally bound by the surrogacy contract, but after all, the mind and soul need support. She feels seen and appreciated when the intended parents spare time to be with her and take care of her in this crucial period. The regular distance communication with the surrogate is no doubt a great means of knowing about her health and mood. Skype conversations enable the intended parents to actually see the baby bump and know about the child’s growth inside the womb. We send weekly reports to the intended parents on both the surrogate and baby’s health. They are always updated on which medication the surrogate is on and what preventive measures we are taking to keep her nd the baby in good health.

Emotional Gestures Towards the Surrogate

Face to face meetings, however, does not have an alternative yet. Video calls might give you the opportunity to see the baby bump, but you will not be able to feel the happiness of touching it and feeling the growing baby inside. The baby inside the womb grows every day. It moves inside the womb in the later part of the gestation. The feeling of touching the baby that is growing and moving inside the womb cannot be compared with anything. The surrogate feels overwhelmed with such gestures of the intended parent. She feels attended and important. This is very important for the baby’s growth inside the womb. The surrogate also feels secured with such meetings with the intended parents.

Regards To the Divine Service

It is not only about taking care of the baby personally, meeting the surrogate face to face in the middle of the pregnancy also is a way of offering regards to the surrogate for her divine service. She is the reason why intended parents are going to get to have their bundle of joy. Medical procedures are of course a part of the surrogacy procedure, but the service of the carrier is beyond any comparison. Her sacrifice and devotion towards the intended parent’s happiness are sacred. People may not to agree to this since she offers her services against remuneration, but at the end of the day it is not very easy to get a proper carrier for the baby irrespective of the amount of money you offer.

The personal meetings of the intended parents and the surrogate keep them both motivated. The intended parents, as well as the surrogates, are incredibly satisfied and pleased to see each other during this important time. They share gratitude and mental support during this time. Not only do the intended parents offer their emotional support to the surrogate mother, but the surrogate offers assurance to them. This boosts the morale of the intended parents. They are in a most sensitive mental condition during this time. They have been suffering from the loneliness of not having a child all these years. Finally, when the dream of having their own genetically connected child is so near to its fulfillment, they tend to grow emotional. Meeting the surrogate in person assures them of the growth of the baby.

Mutual gratification is the most valued emotion for both the surrogate and intended parents during the pregnancy period. Hence, personal meetings hold great importance. We arrange for such meetings at New Life for all our international intended parents as per their convenience.